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How to thaw chicken in an hour

Ever have a moment at work when you go, “Oh &#$%! I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer to thaw!” That was me last week when I invited our friends, LYM and KT, over for Lemongrass Chicken. I called home and had Mr. K take the chicken out immediately. When I got home, the frozen chicken was, well, frozen. 

Here’s a trick that I’ve learned to thaw chicken fast:

1) Clean out both sides of your sink. If you can’t or only have one sink, use big containers to hold your chicken.

2) Fill one side of the sink with cold water, enough to cover the package. (If you’re making chicken skewers, throw the skewer sticks in the sink too since you’re going to have to soak them prior to grilling.) 

3) About 7-10 minutes in the process, fill the other sink with a little warmer water than before. It can still be cold water, just make sure the temperature is a few degrees less than the other side. Move chicken to the warmer water.

4) Do this again, back and forth, about 5-7 minutes apart until chicken becomes soft. Feel the chicken now. If you still feel frozen pieces, I would run it under very warm water to thaw, but not to cook! 

5) Take chicken out of package. Rinse them. This should also help unfreeze stubborn pieces. 

Good luck and let me know if it works for you.

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